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New Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been in business from one generation to another for 32 years, with experience and expertise. Making customers from large companies in different industries to give confidence in the service and the stability of the company. Therefore, has been appointed by many smelters to be a buying and purchasing representative nationwide. New Solutions scrap gives competitive prices and update clients on a regular basis. Our company has a quota directly with more than 10,000 tons of smelting monthly.

High Purchase Volume

Because we are affiliated with many leading foundries in Thailand to support the supply of bulk raw materials to the smelter at least 10,000 tons per month


Recycling experience

We have been in the aluminum industry and the recycling business for over 30 years, with experience and knowledge that can be introduced and consulted to sellers.


Competitive Price

Our company is the company that connects with the country’s leading smelter. The price that we got is fair to the seller and the price will be according to your product standard.



Compliant scale weighing machine and Certificate from the National Bureau for Weighing
Instruments and Spectrometer for checking of product specifications

Types of Aluminium we buy

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Our service procedure

1.Report details


Customers must provide details about the company name, seller name, province, district and contact number.

2. Price appraisal


Notify interested items for sale and report the amount Including sending pictures to us to evaluate the price

3. Agreed price / appointment date


Fall out of the day about the price of the product And make an appointment to deliver products to us

4. Check / transfer money


Inspect the product immediately upon arrival. After verification, the money will be transferred.

Apply to be a seller and agent with us today.

Let us evaluate the price first.

Everyone can add LINE to send pictures of products that need to be sold to inquire about the purchase price with us first easily.

Our latest news


Locally & Overseas

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