New Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a scrapyard that trades all types of aluminium scraps. We buy from small traders, shops and processing factories and sell aluminium scraps to the smelters. Our company is a leading representative in the supply of aluminium scraps to the group of major refining companies in the country.

Our company has a contract with the smelter of up to 10,000 tons of aluminium scraps per month. Our main clients are a group of manufacturers in the car industry, household appliances and material groups. Our company focuses on giving the most competitive price in the market. Integrity and Sincerity are the values of our company.

Our company is a leader in recycling aluminium scraps. We transport aluminium scraps in bits and melt it for easy use. We uphold our beliefs in recycling and being environmentally friendly. We make sure our recycling plant does contain chemicals that may cause damage to our customer’s furnaces. We have a systematic administrative procedure to certify large quantities of aluminium scrap hence the process of trade can be seamless.

Our company is committed to providing products that adhere to the highest standards. We are accorded with a good reputation in the aluminium scrap industry as we kept our promise to our partners and making our business sustainable.

Our company business development in New Solutions (Thailand) Limited is well-known in Samut Sakhon and Chon Buri provinces. We are expanding our client base to other parts of the world

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